Resin Driveway Services In Essex

Resin is becoming more popular for driveway and back garden hard-standing. Over the past 10 years this driveway and patio covering has become more popular due to its versatility, wearability and affordability 

This resin-bound mixture is made up of aggregate stones and resin.

. The aggregate stones can include anything from gravel, sand, slag, recycled concrete and crushed stone. It can be manufactured, natural or recycled, so it’s appearance can vary depending on what is used.

Resin-bound paving is a permeable paving solution and due to it’s flexible surface material, it can be more resistant to cracking or impact that could lead to it needing a replacement or fix.

Resin Driveway Colours

Due to the different aggregated stones available, the colours of the resin driveway will vary. We have a variety of different colours to choose from that can better match the overall appearance of your home when it comes to the exterior.

Here are some of the colours offered:

Autumn Gold
Brittany Bronze
Chinese Bouxite
Datex Golden Quartz
Datex Pearl Quartz
Daltex Silver

Dorset Gold
Pearl Quartz Autumn
Pearl Quartz Black
Pearl Quartz Red

With such a variety of colours to choose from, many opt for resin driveways and footpaths because they have much more versatility in colour palettes. Take your typical tarmac driveway for example, you’ve only got the basic black to choose from before it becomes more expensive to make a different colour.

How much does resin driveway cost?

So how much does a resin driveway cost and what is the difference in relation to other types of driveways?

It can be challenging to quote the cost per square metre because every project is going to be different from the next. There are unique considerations and specifics when it comes to the requirements a homeowner has. Typically speaking though, a resin driveway will cost around £40 per square metre upwards.

For tarmac, it usually costs around £50, so there can be savings made by opting for this type of material for both driveways and footpaths. Again though, it really does depend on the individual’s preference as well as the size required for the footpath or driveway itself.

Benefits of a resin driveway

There are many benefits that can come from having a resin driveway and as such, can be a great investment for your home’s exterior. Here are just some of the benefits you’ll get when it comes to choosing resin.

Requires less maintenance

Resin driveways in general don’t require as much in the way of maintenance. This is due to it’s permeable surface and as a result, can be easier to clean too. With no need for mowing or weeding the areas, it can mean a lot of time and effort saved on your part too.

Cost effective

As it’s been mentioned already, this type of material can be a lot more affordable and cost-effective both in the short and long-term. With low maintenance, it means less financial effort on your part and hopefully a material that lasts a lot longer in the years that you have it.

Fast installation

Having fast installation when it comes to home projects is important because you don’t want too much disruption when it comes to your home and lifestyle. Resin driveways are easy to install and don’t take as long as other driveway types would take.


As some resins and aggregated materials are made out of recycled stones, it can certainly be an eco-friendly choice for all those who are conscious about the impact they contribute to the environment as well as providing a long-lasting solution to your driveway.

Reduces mould and water formation

Due to the permeable surface that resin driveways provide, the material itself is a lot less likely to have excess water or mould within it.
With a permeable material like resin, it allows water and air to pass through the surface freely.

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