Gardening & Landscaping Services In Essex

The exterior areas of your property are just as important to maintain as the interior. When it comes to garden and landscaping, it’s important to use the right company or individuals with the relevant experience.

For garden and landscaping projects we are your one stop shop in Essex, we’re the perfect partner to transform your garden into a place of beauty and functionality.

Landscaping Services

Depending on what you’re after and how big or small the project is, we offer a variety of landscaping. There are plenty of services that we have available and these include:

  • Tree shrub and herbaceous planting
  • Semi-mature tree planting
  • Seeding, wildflower seeding, and hydroseeding
  • Irrigation and automatic irrigation systems
  • Turfing and wildflower turfing (we are wildflower turf approved installers)
  • Natural grass sports surfaces for bowls, croquet and cricket
  • Soil and turf reinforcing systems
  • Tree support systems and guying
  • Formation of soil structures and shaping
  • Ecological and wildlife planting
  • Instant hedging
  • Edible hedging
  • Pond and riverside planting
  • Roof gardens and balconies
  • Concrete and natural stone paving
  • Decking and timber structures
  • Timber sleepers and structures
  • Steel and timber fencing and gates
  • Sports facilities and surfaces
  • Playgrounds and safety surfaces
  • Artificial grass

All of the above services are either a soft landscaping or a hard one. But what are hard and soft landscapes anyway?

A soft landscape is a term used by gardeners and practitioners of landscape design and architecture. It uses vegatative materials in order to improve the landscape’s design. This will be materials like soil and turf as well as tree shrubbing and wildlife planting.

Hard landscaping is used by practitioners in landscaping design and architecture to describe the construction materials that are used to help improve the landscape. These might be roof gardens and balconies, decking and steel or timber gates.

Landscape Design

Our design services are some of the best in the region of Essex and are known to be affordable, reliable and above all, professional. When it comes to transforming your exterior, we collaborate with our customers to find the ideal design solution. Every project is different so what one client needs is going to be different to another.

When using our services, you get the full works from beginning to end. We’ll start with your vision and what you want from the project. We’ll work to find the right solutions when it comes to materials and the overall design of the space to maximize its potential.

From installing a new decking to a complete overhaul of your garden’s layout, our design services are provided by experts within the landscape and gardening industry. With years of experience, we ensure your garden is completed to the highest of standards. We also provide all the knowledge and guidance that’s needed to provide a finished landscape for your property.

Garden Landscaping Cost

The cost to landscape a garden can vary, depending on the size of the project and what you require. There are varying levels of landscaping that will dictate the price, so here’s an estimation that you can refer to.

Under £100

This is a limited budget and will at best, provide you with a few soft landscaping features like new plants and accessories.

Under £500

This budget will help you consider some construction materials for hard landscaping as well as plants. Whether it’s a few concrete labs or re-turfing your lawn to new garden furniture.

Under £1,000

Bring in outside help when you have around £1000 to play with. This could be one or two day’s work to help provide a new patio, for example. This or you can do a bit more soft landscaping with some hard landscaping on a slightly bigger scale.

Between £5,000-£10,000

For this budget, you can provide a week’s worth of landscaping work, including materials. This will depend on what you’re after in terms of features for your garden.

Between £10,000-£30,000

For bigger budgets, £10,000-£30,000 can provide you with the ability to fund a more expansive project where you can provide both soft and hard landscaping. With special features in addition to this, you could transform your outdoor space into something completely new.

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If you’re looking for the perfect landscaping solution, then it’s worth getting a quote from us today. We can provide an extensive amount of services at affordable and competitive prices. We can help bring a new look to your outdoor space, whatever your needs may be. So why not get in touch today?


We are committed to providing customers with an affordable, reliable and professional service that can allow your garden to become the envy of your friends and family.

From the installation of new decking to a complete garden and design service, our customers reap the benefits of our expertise in landscaping. We have the knowledge and the expertise to ensure all landscaping work is completed to the highest standard, which leaves your garden looking completely transformed.