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What features define a professional patio installation and maintenance service? Attention to detail, a personalised sense of flexibility and quality results will often come to mind. The artisans at Hamilton Landscaping just so happen to espouse these very same traits. Our patios are stunning to behold and naturally, they are engineered to withstand even the harshest of elements. Please feel free to examine some of our most recent projects, as these can help to illustrate what you will enjoy. We will also be pleased to schedule an in-depth consultation at your convenience.

Garden Patio Ideas

The available size, position, and layout of the surrounding outdoor space offer better-suited concepts for patio laying ideas. These considerations will influence the materials that you eventually pick. They can have multiple levels, a patio block design, or patio paving slabs. As listed below, there is a wide selection of materials and patio designs to choose from.

Concrete Patio

Concrete slabs are the second most inexpensive choice after gravel patios and are typically used as a foundation for other materials. They are readily poured and moulded to suit individual desires, and they are highly robust and sturdy. The material might be bare grey patio slabs made of poured concrete, or it can be coloured, polished, or stamped to seem like other materials. If it is coloured, long-term upkeep is necessary since the effects of the sun will ultimately fade it away, and damage can occur in lower temperatures if it cracks and crumbles.

Tiled Patio

Patio tiles meant for outdoor use come in a range of designs and should be unglazed. It is prone to slipping when wet but not as slick as unglazed tiles. People who want a more creatively distinct design can pick mosaic tiles or opt for more popular titles such as porcelain or terracotta, to mention a few; the possibilities are infinite. Tiles are the most common choice since they are effortless to maintain but require sealers and other protective coatings.

Flagstone Patio

This patio option provides beautiful aesthetics that are the most durable and resilient. Some can be more so than others, depending on the climate. However, they are mostly known to be weather resistant. Easily maintained, flagstone patios provide an incredibly naturally organic aesthetic that ends up looking like patterns. The permeable paving stops water from running off the patio stones, and to prevent unevenness, the installation needs to be done correctly.

Paver Patios

Patio pavers are interlocked and can come in a myriad of designs, materials and colours. They are one of the materials that are also incredibly low maintenance and are permeable. This patio type can resemble almost all the above-listed styles, including bricks, natural stones, and wood. Resin patio is an alternative to patio pavers. This patio type can be quickly installed and is an affordable option that can be compared to pavers while mimicking other material designs.

Benefits of Garden Patio

Patios can have overhanging structures, have open space as the origin word of patio ‘patere’ implies, or they can have both. It is known to be a fantastic place to rest on those lovely sunny days or for entertainment on those fantastic evenings with family and friends in your garden patio. Having an area where you can be a part of the outdoors and the designs complement the home while adding its unique character creates a lovely addition.

The benefits that they provide other than a fantastic place to relax with loved ones are understood to be:

Many materials are easy to maintain
Value is added to your home
There is a versatile range of designs
Lifespan is long-lasting

All Seasons can provide you with quality and assurance. The services guarantee that installations will be constructed with professional work to ensure local building regulations are adhered to with expertise. The process is reliable with responsible work ethics that always keep environmental considerations in mind. The health and safety regulations are always adhered to when construction is taking place. To learn more about creating the patio designs that will complement your home contact All Seasons for professional assistance and advice.

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A patio can create the perfect area for outdoor dining, entertaining friends and family, or simply enjoying the sunshine.

A patio is the perfect way to extend your living space from your home into your garden, and we can help you to show you the possibilities that can be achieved by having a patio installed. With a wealth of experience in the design and installation of patios, our endeavour is to imprint part of your personality and style into the patio.